What is your next holiday destination?

"To Caldaro - South Tyrol"

Shuttle busses

From Easter every Saturday the South Tyrol Holiday Shuttle takes you from Munich to your holiday destination in the South of Südtirol.

The Holiday Shuttle starts in connection to the following trains:

ICE no. 583 from Hamburg

EC no. 115 from Dortmund

ICE no. 1513 from Berlin

IC   no. 2295 from Frankfurt

The transfer to your accommodation is included in the ticket! Here you find more information!

You can discover South Tyrol easily without a car thank to perfectly organised busses and trains. In Kaltern for example every half hour there is a bus to Bozen. From the main station you can get everywhere in South Tyrol.

LAKE AND HIKE BUS: In Kaltern there is a bus for tourists which takes you from your location to the Lake Kaltern or to several popular hiking destinations in Kaltern all day. Weekly ticket  2,50 €

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